Ever wondered who does the ‘dealer delivery’ when someone buys a truck?

The answer is Truck Moves Australia ( ) Australia’s number 1 for the past 25 years. As Australia’s leading specialist in the delivery of commercial vehicles locally or interstate, they have dealt with every truck salesman or dealership at some time or another.

Truck Moves Australia provides medium-duty and heavy-duty truck transport services for truck manufacturers and importers and their dealer networks in every capital city of Australia. The company is responsible for the on-time delivery of vehicles from manufacturer to dealerships and body builders throughout Australia.

Many customers who are Importers, Manufacturers, dealers, body builders, truck auctions, leasing companies, mining and industrial services companies all use the company to move trucks from point to point, whether it is local or interstate movements. We stay in touch with our customers via a monthly subscriber e-news letter, and this helps to keep customers up to date on new services like trailer deliveries or car and LCV deliveries, truck shows and other.

Matt Whitnall the owner of Truck Moves says “It is far more efficient to use our service than to deliver it themselves, we are faster and cheaper than trying to do it all in house, and that’s why the biggest names in the industry have been choosing Truck Moves as the supplier of choice for 25 years.

I am proud to say that the majority of our customers are all #1 in their markets because they are focused on sales and service at the highest levels, they continue to win industry and manufacturers awards and they contract us to support them as the industry’s number 1 delivery service, it is definitely a successful long term partnership we have with the medium and heavy commercial industry.”

We operate a truly national service and offer same day pickup for a delivery going across the street or across the country. “There’s not a truck manufacturer, fleet operator, body builder that we don’t deal with in the course of our service, there’s not a deal¬ership network we don’t assist with a truck sale at some stage during the year,” says Matt Whitnall, the company’s owner.

The reason is because Truck Moves gets the job done at a quarter of the costs or lowers than the customer could do it themselves. The value we add is to the customer, who only pays for what they use if it is a one way delivery they are not paying for an empty truck coming back to base. “Pay us and we’ll move the truck. And that’s all inclusive, everything. They don’t have to think or worry about it.”

By default we deliver stress management, peace of mind and a daily pickup service all in one. By the time you add up all the costs to organize a qualified driver, wait for them to turn up, provide adequate insurance coverage, organize flights or transport, make the calls to all involved, calculate the cost of a managers time as an hourly rate and pay all the travel, accommodation and return travel, super, workers comp, payroll taxes and this is only if the delivery has no hiccups, they could have quoted, sold or built a truck!

We do many hundreds of deliveries a week and with our own fleet of 14 mini bus shuttles in the capital cities, all with GPS tracking we have the capital cities fully serviced with dedicated drivers each delivery takes half the time of someone struggling to do a single delivery using in house staff, let alone multiple ones to body builders and holding yards or to the customer.
Whitnall says Truck Moves is the oldest and by far most experienced in a small industry. “We’ve been at it the longest; we have innovated the way the service operates by always leading the way. We took a run of the mill small operation and uniquely positioned it as a broad, reliable, safe and trustworthy service for anyone needing to move a commercial vehicle, this in turn exposed our service to a much broader audience outside our traditional markets” he says.

As an example we have completed some major projects along the way, such as moving over 200 trucks in a single day for one customer, relocating 185 trailers for another customer and relocating cars for a state premiers department.

But we’re not a big business, still a small business. Family owned and oper-ated to this day.

Our drivers are our strength.

With over 100 casu¬ally employed on and off, he’s unasham¬edly picky about whom he hires.
“I don’t even talk to the young guys, meaning under 45” he says of a staff ranging in age from 50 to 70+.
“The drivers that we hire are generally over the age of 50. These are the guys that have worked for the big contract fleet logistics outfits, they have carted steel, moved stock, some are ex-army logistics, many ex-police or fire service and they’re seen as too old for the modern day freight industry.

“They’re exactly the sort of guys that we hire. The guys that have got plenty of experience, they’re senior guys with decades of experience in all sorts of vehicles, they’re happy to have a job and it keeps them active, it keeps their hand in .”

After a lifetime spent handling freight and the pressure that comes with it they relish the chance to gently cruise up the highway in the latest and greatest trucks.

“They take so much pride in their work. It’s something rare that you don’t hear about. They’re happy to be in a uni¬form that we provide, they’re polite with the customers, they’re not in a rush with the gear, there’s no freight pressure, and so they cruise along and still deliver on time.”

Customers also appreciate the drivers’ experience. By running in trucks straight off the production line, the drivers are often sounded out for their thoughts on the trucks, on top of the detailed vehicle condition reports provided with every delivery by Truck Moves.

We have a great website with plenty of tools and information that our customers use to help work out deliveries time frames and estimate fuel costs; they use our website as a sales tool. A lot of customers use the trip estimator to close a deal and give their quote an accurate costing as it shows the fuel and time estimate for most places in Australia.

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